Are new TLDs worth it?

You’ve seen them being touted as the next big thing, that’s right! The .melbourne and the .digital, the .book and the .cafe. But are they poised to take off like a rocket, or will they fade into irrelevance?

The new Top Level Domains (TLD’s) were introduced in 2014 to a huge amount of hype by bloggers the world over, and since then we’ve seen a slew of additional tld’s both targeting geographical areas and topics. We started off with .org, .com, .net along with the lesser used .mil, .gov. While .info and .biz got launched a while later.

But something happened, .biz and .info never took off, and to find out why, we only need to look at a recent study by Moz.

Moz asked users if they were more or less likely to trust an insurance quote from a website that had its TLD ending in .insurance. Surprisingly, they found that 53% of Australians were unlikely to trust the quote based on the TLD that the site used. Americans were even less likely to trust it, with 62% indicating that they were not trusting of a site with that TLD.

Next, Google ignores the SEO value of the extension. So having a matching domain like best.roofing, means that google will only see “Best”, but if you had a that was, google would see “Best Roofing”. This means that short of repeating yourself, you’d be losing SEO value by having a vanity domain.

So when it comes to mikes.roofing, versus, or versus the answer is clear. Stick with tradition and use a It’s more trust worthy and it will rank higher. Your business will thank you for it!




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