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Kardashian Klout

“Klout – The Official Kardashian Sister of Startups”

Through questionable practices, poor public relations, unpredictable and constantly changing algorithms, and the inability to link the social chatter of its anointed influencers to bottom line sales for businesses, Klout has become a punchline in social media jokes for the last few … [Read More...]

Latest from the blog

Opting out Klout

Why the Klout Sale is Bad News for Social Scoring, But Great News for Influence Marketing

In the last couple of days, it was announced that social customer experience company Lithium Technologies would be acquiring social scoring platform Klout for a figure reputed to be around $100 million. If the deal goes through, it'll be the close of a five year journey for Klout since … [Read More...]

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Chesterfield Cigarette

Cognitive Dissonance and Influence Marketing

Despite social proof casting doubt on their veracity, it seems that social scoring platforms continue to be popular in social media marketing. We shouldn’t be surprised; these tools offer a quick, if not effective, means of identifying those who might help brand messages cut through … [Read More...]