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Diffusion Of Innovation

The Need to Identify Trend Currents for Effective Influence Marketing

Business models and methodologies are constantly evolving in order to adapt to consumer trends, technological advances and socio-economic changes. It’s a common occurrence; in fact, evolving business thinking, strategy and process is essential for corporate growth.  The key of course is … [Read More...]

Latest from the blog


Six Easy Metrics to Measure an Influence Marketing Campaign

Measurement is one of social media’s key advantages over traditional marketing and advertising. Prior to social media’s rise as an essential business solution, marketing campaigns were primarily through print, media including TV and radio, and direct mail. The use of flyers, posters, … [Read More...]

Latest from the blog

The business of influence

Beware the Growth of Influencer Factories

If you’re in a marketing or public relations function, unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you’ve seen the explosion of social scoring and influence marketing discussions and debates online. If you’re a business that relies on consumers for revenue, Influence … [Read More...]